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The great Paul Green comes to the Reel Magic Studios to share his thoughts and routines using cards, coins, sponge balls, rope, and much more!

During his nearly two-and-one-half-hour lecture, Paul shares:

  • Honey, You Shrunk My Wallet
  • His technique on The Classic Force
  • I've Got You Covered
  • Several additional tricks, using the Classic Force
  • His Jumbo Cards and Invisible Deck Routine
  • His Rope Routine
  • His Sponge Ball Routine
  • 2 Copper Silver
  • Shelled Coins Across
  • The Trick That Fooled Einstein
  • Flying Eagles
  • And as a special bonus: Paul shows you his Card to Wallet routine

This is a one-of-a-kind lecture from a truly great, working magician. Don't miss it!

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