Reel Magic Unleashed!


Ryan gives a no-holds-barred master class on the Okito Box. During this hour-and-a-half lecture, Ryan teaches:

  • Introduction to Okito Boxes - Ryan discusses the tools an Okito Box performer should have and makes recommendations on where to buy them.
  • Justifying the Box - Ryan shares his blunt take on justifying the prop. It's fairly simple...
  • The Boston Crash - In this simple routine, a stack of coins penetrate the box, then reappear in the hand.
  • Invisible Coin Aces Routine: Shaun Robison Version - Ryan teaches his favorite Okito Box routine. In Part 1, he shares his mentor's original version.
  • Invisible Coin Aces Routine: Ryan Bliss Version - In Part 2, Ryan teaches the routine as he performs it today.
  • The Box Switch - Ryan discusses techniques for switching boxes in performance.
  • Vanish of Three Coins from a Box - The title says it all - make three produced coins vanish from the box, like they were never there.
  • Vanish of Three Coins Using a Flipper - Ryan shares an idea on how to get a killer visual while performing the "Vanish of Three Coins from a Box."
  • Three Coins in a Hat Routine - In this multi-phase routine, Ryan demonstrates the difference between an illusion and magic.

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NEW CONTENT EVERY TUESDAY! This week: In Episode 58 of Apocalypse Now! with Rudy Tinoco, Rudy teaches "Three Proofs" by Tom Daugherty.

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